Synopsis: When an internet company decides to investigate a series of ‘Screamer’ videos, they are confronted with havoc and hell they could never expect.


” …best found footage movie we’ve ever seen.”
– Jason Tostevin, Nightmares Film Festival

– Michael Klug, Horror Freak News

“A near-flawless viewing experience that genre fans are going to be excited about.”
– Matt Molgaard from Dread Central

“Perfectly chilling… may very well unseat a pic like Blair Witch.”
– Addicted to Horror Movies

“Edge of your seat”….”genuinely frightening”
– Bro Knows Movies

“A unanimous choice for Best Horror Feature!”
– Steve Sturla, Studio City Film Festival

“…the rare found footage movie that works… finds a way of really getting under your skin…”
– Matt Storc, Horrorsociety.com