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An award winning and critically acclaimed actor, Tom wowed Hollywood with his stunning turn in the indie-cult favorite GRAVESEND in 1998, which was produced by Oliver Stone.

Most recent films include: #SCREAMERS (Coming to theaters April 6th, 2018, twice called the BEST found footage horror movie EVER), HERO OF THE UNDERWORLD (on VOD everywhere) directed by John Vincent, starring Malloy, Nicole Fox, and Quinton Aaron (for this film, Tom won BEST ACTOR at the Chain NYC Film Festival, and BEST ACTOR at AC Cinefest, FAIR HAVEN (Currently on Showtime) directed by Kerstin Karlhuber, starring Tom Wopat and Michael Grant, ASHLEY, directed by Dean Ronalds, which was in theaters in 2013, and is now on VOD, LOVE N’ DANCING, which was directed by Rob Iscove (She’s All That), and stars Amy Smart, Tom Malloy, Billy Zane, Rachel Dratch, and Betty White; the psychological thriller THE ALPHABET KILLER, directed by Rob Schmidt (Wrong Turn, Crime & Punishment in Suburbia) and stars Eliza Dushku, Cary Elwes, Tom Malloy, Timothy Hutton, Michael Ironside, and Oscar Winner Melissa Leo; and a thriller directed by Mary Lambert called THE ATTIC, starring John Savage, Malloy, and Elisabeth Moss.

Tom is currently starring with Comedian Scott Baker in the improv cop comedy MIDTOWN , which can be seen on Amazon, now in it's second season, averaging 70,000 views/month.

Tom is a graduate of the famous Improv Olympic (IO) Training Center in Los Angeles (former graduates include Chris Farley, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Steve Carrell). Tom has also appeared in principle roles on LAW & ORDER, THIRD WATCH, KIDNAPPED, THE SIEGE (with Denzel Washington) and ANGER MANAGEMENT. As a Stand Up Comic, Tom has appeared at Caroline's Comedy Club and the Broadway Comedy Club in NYC, and at the LA Improv.

In addition to his work as an actor, Tom is an accomplished author whose book BANKROLL: A New Approach to Financing Feature Films was considered the “gold standard” of indie film financing instruction. A second edition came out in 2012.

Tom has also competed and taught classes in the smooth, hip-hop dance style known as West Coast Swing. He was trained by seven time U.S. Open Champion Robert Royston.

Tom has trained for years in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, first training with Royce Gracie back in 1992, prior to the UFC even existing! He currently trains in Beverly Hills with the legendary Rigan Machado. He is also a professional poker player, and for over a year was one of the highest ranked celebrity players on the now defunct MegaFrame Casino.

Finally, Tom worked for 10 years as a nationally known motivational speaker for adults and kids. He traveled across the country spreading his positive message to students of all ages. Over the years, he has spoken to more than 100,000 students.

Screamers Still

"The performances from Tom Malloy and Chris Bannow are unbelievable. We’re talking, genuinely unbelievable. Malloy and Bannow look like certified A-class talent. They may not be household names at this point, but this is highly refined and wildly convincing work."

- Matt Molgaard, Addicted to Horror Movies, on #SCREAMERS

Love N' Dancing Tom Malloy Amy Smart
"At the center of this low-budget triumph which blends colorful characters
with lively musical sequences, is Tom Malloy."

- San Francisco Chronicle on Love N' Dancing

Midtown Tom Malloy
"Man, but what works is our two leads, Tom Malloy and Scott Baker...
Cool and Hilarious!"

- BigStar TV reviewing MIDTOWN

Alphabet Killer Eliza Dushku Tom Malloy
"Tom Malloy is a genuine triple-threat talent."

- Fear Zone reviewing The Alphabet Killer



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Tom Malloy at the 2012 Alma Awards

Tom Malloy at the Alma Awards




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